FAQ about Moon Shoes

Here are some frequently asked questions about Moon Shoes:

1. Are there warnings and instructions included in package?

Yes, both the extensive warning and detailed instruction page are included.

2. How many bands are included in the package?

100 high quality sturdy bands.

3. How do you assemble Moon Shoes?

Refer to How to Page and found in detailed instructions from packaging.

4. What is the weight limit?

160 lbs is the weight maximum.

5. How many bands are needed for child’s weight?

The directions will instruct how many bands are needed based on weight.

7. What are Moon Shoes?

Shoes fitted for children fitted with trampoline-like springs.

8. What are your product features?

Product features include closed sides, plastic construction and bungee style springs.

9. What are included with the Moon Shoes?

The Moon Shoes come with two bases, two shoe platforms, 100 rubber bands and instruction sheet.

10. Do you need to where shoes with product?

Yes, covered-top sports shoes when wearing Moon Shoes.

Contact us if you have any more questions!



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