Customer Reviews of Moon Shoes

My kids wanted moon shoes for Christmas but because of the varied reviews on Amazon I was leery of buying them. So I contacted our local TV station that does a “Try It Before You Buy It” segment on their Wednesday evening broadcasts. Well they wanted to have my kids try them so they bought two pair of moon shoes and brought them to my house on Friday. The kids were ecstatic! We put to the task of putting the shoes together. That was a little confusing. The cameraman had to help us! There are large black rubber bands that have to be attached to the bottom of the moon shoes. The weight of your child will determine whether you attach 1 to 5 bands in each section of the moon shoes. Once we put them together the kids had a ball. I was a little leery at first but they haven’t taken them off their feet since they got them. I would say that they are a success!

My daughter is 12 and still loves these moon shoes. She has a blast on them. She can’t hurt herself because of how wide they are, so no injuries so far anyway. It keeps her busy for hours, especially when friends are over using them.

Kids need toys to be able to get all their energy out. I’m a big believer in educational games however I know as a kid i was jumping and playing around. these moon shoes are just perfect. let your child play on them for a good 10-15 minutes they’ll take a nice nap after that.

We purchased these for our 8 year old daughter at Christmas. She LOVES them!! She has had so much fun playing on them and getting lots of great exercise. She has fallen a few times, but we stay on the grass so she hasn’t been hurt. I definitely recommend the moon shoes for hours of heart healthy fun!



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